Miracle Xiaomi Activation

Miracle Xiaomi Tool Activation is intended for Miracle Key Dongle, Miracle Thunder Dongle, and Miracle FRP Dongle.

Note! While placing an order, please indicate the serial number of your dongle.

You can read your Miracle Key serial number using Miracle Key SN Reader.

Connect ADB Mode
Connect EDL Mode
Connect Diag Mode
Connect Fastboot Mode
Connect Sideload Mode

Read Info
Factory Reset
Remove Mi Account
Disavle Anto Relock
Remove FRP
Remove Cloud APK
Read Pattern*
Remove Screen Lock
Relock Screen 

Reboot to EDL
Reboot to Fastboot
Reboot to ADB
Reboot to EDL Force 

Read/Write Security
Repair Network
Wipe Security
Read/Write QCN
Erase IMEI 

Enable Diag
Repair IMEI with 4 Method
Xiaomi IMEI Check
Mi Patch System Anti Relock

Fastboot Mode
EDL Mode

Important: Please carefully read your serial number. Make sure you provide us with a correct Miracle Key Dongle S/N.
Serial number starts with MICBX letters for Miracle Key Dongle and MIRTD letters for Miracle Thunder Dongle.
Activation cannot be returned or cancelled if you made a mistake and gave us wrong serial number.

Download Miracle SN Reader to read Serial Number

Serial Example: MICBXxxxxxxxxxx

Serial Example: MIRTDXxxxxxxxxxx

Price : $36.226USD

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