NCK Box / Dongle , AVB , UMT Ultimate Huawei Activation [Unlimited]


  • Unlimited Access (No Username and Password required)
  • Lifetime Support (dongle based)
  • Without PC lock
  • No Yearly Activation Required

Important! This activation is DONGLE BASED.

This activation can be provided for:

  • NCK Dongle
  • UMT Dongle
  • UMT Box
  • Avengers Box

To add activation for UMT Box/Dongle or NCK Dongle, the user must run Ultimate NCK Huawei main software (not Flasher) once and select UMT as an option, then press "check login" or "activate dongle". Then you can order activation. This allows to register serial number on a server.

All NCK Pro users when you place order please use UMT serial instead of NCK Serial.

Before buy must run Huawei software in your computer once and click check account and then you can submit your serial of NCK or UMT and you will get unlimited activation instant.


Only Supported for NCK Dongle and UMT Dongle / Box


Supported 500+ Huawei models and modifications
Supported Hisilicon, Quallcom, MTK CPU’s
Authorize Phone (enable Diag)
Read Sim Unlock Codes
Read Bootloader Codes
Direct Unlock
IMEI Change - Repair
Reapir SN
Reapir WIFI/Bluetooth etc...
Reapir Empty Board
Reapir MEID
Erase FRP
Reset Huawei ID
Change Single/Dual Sim

Price : $112.465USD

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