Furious PACK 6 10 Alcatel IMEI Repairs

Furious PACK 6 10 Alcatel IMEI Repair 

This is an IMEI repair solution for Alcatel phones by means of logs.
With this product you can repair IMEI in 10 Alcatel phones.

Supported models:
OT-8000, OT-7030R, OT-6035R, OT-6034, OT-6036, TCL S850L, OT-7050, J929L, S838M, J738M, S830U, J730U, J736L, OT-6050, OT-5050, M812, OT-7055, OT-7043, OT-7044, OT-6015, OT-6045 VF-895N, OT-6039, I806, OT-5065, OT-9007, M823F, OT-7048, I800, OT-5054, T500L, OT-6016, OT-6055, OT-6070, OT-5051, OT-5056

Price : $76.887USD

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